Sunday, May 15, 2011

From the May 15, 2011 meeting of The Fulfillment group in Second Life

Serendipity Seraph:
To get to our dreams we need a clean vision and a lot of dedication to making it fully realized. I don't buy that we will just be gently slid *cough* into some utopia or some place we want to go. It is time for the species to grow up. It is time for each one of us to grow up. Not by letting go of dreams but by refining them and dedicating ourselves to fulfilling them. It is time to literally become the change we seek. It can happen no other way. Yes, we will get bits and pieces of the tech. But to what end? Do we expect singularity to be something that just happens to us or is it something we bring into being and help shape?

Khannea Suntzu:
"Singularity is not defined as 'singular thing' but rather 'the point at which X becomes opaque to our understanding'." Well let me say it simpler. In the future things happen. Then more things happen. Then all these things have sex and have babies and so many things happen we won't know what hit us. And then we have no idea what comes next. It'll be weird. We can't see. Not being able to see means it's intransparent. Intransparant means opaque. That is saying the future is 'opaque'. You can't model it anymore. That also means that bad things can happen, and good things. While some transhumanists think the future is this undifferentiated glob of potential, I say, it is being formed RIGHT NOW by choices WE RIGHT NOW make or are too lazy to make.